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Peter Green commenced his sailmaking business in 1971 at Hastings in the family garage, converted to a small loft.

Later that year he moved into a factory at 16a  Kookaburra Street, Frankston.


In 2002 we purchased 15a Patrick Court, Seaford.


The factory was completely stripped and all internals were removed and refitted into a new, purpose designed modern sail making plant.


The addition in 2007 of a Carlson Design plotter/cutter and many other innovative devices invented by Gregg Carlson for sailmaking, was a significant development.

Peter Green Sails had evolved into a modern, technologically supported manufacturing plant, equal to any sailmaking operation, either in Australia or overseas.










Sailmaking has changed and evolved over the last 40 plus years with Peter always interested in keeping up with the latest developments. 



From time to time we have been in the vanguard of these developments. In 1971 radial sails were being developed by many sailmakers particularly with Spinnakers as a way to attain better shapeholding and faster shapes needed when reaching. One of the premier classes of the day the Yvonne 20 catamaran tested and proved how superior these type of sails could be. The first spinnaker was made for Barry McGill's Yvonne in 1971 and used in the first heat of the state titles at St Leonards that year. In those days the race officer's boat would wait close to the weather mark and when the first boat closed in to round, would then set off at high speed, down the course to lay the wing mark. That day had perfect reaching conditions and with the radial cut spinnaker set, Barry soon over took the first boats and  showing great speed started to gain on the mark laying boat which had still to arrive at the position to lay the mark. Barry arrived just as the anchor rope for the mark hit the water ,gybed arounded to go on and win the race easliy.

After that most spinnakers were continued to be improved until most were cut by this radial method. Radial panels were adapted to all types of sails and saw the start of laminate sails arrive.

                   ............................................................to  be continued

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